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This Week in Michigan Tech Esports

This Week in Michigan Tech Esports

Monday, October 3
• Rocket League B vs. Keiser Sarasota 7 p.m. NACE Starleague. Stream:

Tuesday, October 4
• Overwatch 2 vs. Albion College 8 p.m.

Wednesday, October 5
• Valorant vs. Ole Miss 7 p.m.  NACE Starleague
• League of Legends vs. Florida Tech 7 p.m.  NECC. Stream: 

Thursday, October 6
• Apex Legend vs. Various 7 p.m. Phase One Fall Series 

Friday, October 7
• CSGO vs. RIT 7 p.m.  NACE Starleague. Stream:

Times are subject to change, check Twitter @MTUEsports for updates.

Check out the games live on twitch!


Tuesday, George Mason started strong, but was unable to maintain its early leads. The Huskies took the series 2-0. Map one, team captain CJ Johnson "Chowdz" secured 31 kills. Not to be outdown, Hunter Holm "retnuh" dropped 40 to close out the series on map two.

On Friday, Michigan Tech dominated Northeastern 2-0. Tech only allowed 7 rounds across the series. Catch the carnage on Twitch.

Tech has a 3-1 record heading into their match against 4-0 RIT Friday. The broadcast starts at 7 p.m. at MTUEsports.

League of Legends

Tech's summoners fell short against the Eagles 2-1. Brandon Cox "Oblivionize" had a vision score of 107 and Aidan VanDrie "Oscar Wilde" did 20,096 damage to champions as Kog'Maw.

MTU is now 1-1 in NECC regular season play. NACE Starleague announced a competition last week, schedule will be announced Tuesday to bring the League team up to three matches per week.

This week the Huskies face Florida Tech. Catch the game streamed live at 7 p.m. on the MTU Esports twitch page:

Overwatch 2

To celebrate the launch of Overwatch 2, Tech is playing a show match against Albion College Tuesday. NACE Starleague competition for the new game starts next week.

Rocket League

On Monday, Tech continued its momentum from last week's win with another 3-0 shutout over Western Kentucky. Isaac Stilwell "stewy" scored three goals round 2 and team captain Tyler Tappin "Tater" scored two goals round 3. Tech is now 3-2 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier division.

The B team fell short with a 3-2 loss to ECPI. Tech is now 0-2 in the NSL Varsity + division.

This past Saturday Tech fell short of qualifying for CRL with a loss to Indian State River College 3-0 sending the Huskies to the losers bracket. They then fell to Indian State River again 3-0 in the losers bracket, who then went on to win the qualifying spot.

The Huskies have a bye week in Varsity Premier and face ECPI University in Varsity +.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

On Thursday Smash beat Davenport 2-0. Cameron Duffy "Psyke" took five stocks as King DeDeDe match 1 and rookie Arthur Duncan "Geyser" closed out the series taking eight stocks as Bowser. Tech is now 3-1 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier tournament. Relive the excitement on Tech's Twitch!

This Thursday, Smash is on the road to head to the Big House tournament in Detroit. Thursday's game against Sienna Heights was rescheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m.


The Huskies continue their undefeated season with a 2-1 win over Kansas State Wednesday. Elliot Vironda "EEL" had 21 kills as Chamber on map 1, and Elliot Lappenga "Block" had 19 kills as Breach on map 2.

On Thursday and Friday, Tech's Valorant team competed in the AVGL X Dreamhack tournament. The Huskies started strong, winning their group over Cal State LA, Central Washington, and Boston U. to qualify for the next round. However, they were put to the lower bracket with an overtime loss to Maryland Baltimore. There, the Carleton Ravens shut out the Huskies, ending their tournament.

This week, Tech plays Ole Miss Wednesday in the NACE Starleague. Both squads are 3-0.