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2020-21 Esports Roster

Gamertag Hometown / High School
Game: CS:GO Brendon Cook full bio Brendon Cook Class: Jr. Gamertag: DeadO Hometown / High School: Davison, Mich. / Davison High School
Game: CS:GO Hunter Holm full bio Hunter Holm Class: Fr. Gamertag: Retnuh Hometown / High School: Brighton, Mich. / Brighton High School
Game: CS:GO Calvin Johnson full bio Calvin Johnson Class: So. Gamertag: Chowdz Hometown / High School: Macomb, Mich. / Henry Ford II High School
Game: CS:GO Logan Long full bio Logan Long Class: Fr. Gamertag: Voltage Hometown / High School: Pleasant Lake, Mich. / Stockbridge High School
Game: CS:GO Sean Parker full bio Sean Parker Class: Jr. Gamertag: Cleanslate Hometown / High School: Jenison, Mich. / Jenison High School
Game: CS:GO Nick Sand full bio Nick Sand Class: Jr. Gamertag: Jello Hometown / High School: Macomb, Mich. / Dakota High School
Game: CS:GO Colin Thor full bio Colin Thor Class: Fr. Gamertag: Koi Hometown / High School: Fenton, Mich. / Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy
Game: League of Legends Nathan Butgereit full bio Nathan Butgereit Class: So. Gamertag: Navarog Hometown / High School: Grand Rapids, Mich. / East Kentwood High School
Game: League of Legends Brandon Cox full bio Brandon Cox Class: Sr. Gamertag: Oblivonize Hometown / High School: Empire, Mich. / Glen Lake High School
Game: League of Legends Kevin Doerr full bio Kevin Doerr Class: So. Gamertag: Sixty Seven Hometown / High School: Bad Axe, Mich. / Bad Axe High School
Game: League of Legends Leif Jurgensen full bio Leif Jurgensen Class: Jr. Gamertag: ImShrubz Hometown / High School: Dollar Bay, Mich. / Dollar Bay High School
Game: League of Legends David Scott full bio David Scott Class: So. Gamertag: Poro In a Box Hometown / High School: Ludington, Mich. / Ludington High School
Game: League of Legends Braden Van Camp full bio Braden Van Camp Class: Sr. Gamertag: Meltingcloth Hometown / High School: Hortonville, Wis. / Hortonville High School
Game: League of Legends Aidan VanDrie full bio Aidan VanDrie Class: Sr. Gamertag: Neverlong Hometown / High School: Fort Worth, Texas / Fossil Ridge High School
Game: Overwatch Kamille Ann Keeler full bio Kamille Ann Keeler Class: So. Gamertag: Karnamora Hometown / High School: Lake Forest, Calif. / El Toro High School
Game: Overwatch Aklindino Bylyku full bio Aklindino Bylyku Class: Fr. Gamertag: dini Hometown / High School: Shelby Township, Mich. / Eisenhower High School
Game: Overwatch Joshua Gindt full bio Joshua Gindt Class: Jr. Gamertag: MrGotGame Hometown / High School: Montgomery, Ill. / Oswego High School
Game: Overwatch Tyler Harris full bio Tyler Harris Class: Sr. Gamertag: Valkyrie Hometown / High School: Canton, Mich. / Plymouth High School
Game: Overwatch Jonathan Pilarski full bio Jonathan Pilarski Class: Jr. Gamertag: Joking Hometown / High School: Naperville, Ill. / Neuqua Valley High School
Game: Overwatch Sid Regmi full bio Sid Regmi Class: So. Gamertag: Petal Hometown / High School: Appleton, Wis. / Xavier High School
Game: Rocket League Frank Bruck full bio Frank Bruck Class: So. Gamertag: Spitzer Hometown / High School: Houghton, Mich. / Lincoln Consolidated
Game: Rocket League Dyllan DeBruyne full bio Dyllan DeBruyne Class: Fr. Gamertag: Ducky Hometown / High School: Chesterfield, Mich. / L'Anse Creuse North High School
Game: Rocket League Devin Farmer full bio Devin Farmer Class: Jr. Gamertag: Cloud Hermit Hometown / High School: Plymouth, Mich. / Salem High School
Game: Rocket League Hampton Pettinger full bio Hampton Pettinger Class: Jr. Gamertag: Frozen Hometown / High School: Grand Rapids, Mich. / Forest Hills Northern High School
Game: Rocket League Brett Post full bio Brett Post Class: Sr. Gamertag: Swanky Bubbles Hometown / High School: St. Johns, Mich. / St. Johns High School
Game: Rocket League Max Reisterer full bio Max Reisterer Class: Jr. Gamertag: Nineja Hometown / High School: Kalamazoo, Mich. / Hackett Catholic Prep
Game: Rocket League Tyler Tappin full bio Tyler Tappin Class: Fr. Gamertag: Tater Hometown / High School: Wyoming, Mich. / Grandville High School