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Michigan Tech Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

This group serves both to promote student-athlete welfare and to enhance the overall student-athlete experience. Responsibilities specific to this group include promoting athletic events, organizing special events, and voicing the student-athlete opinion regarding potential NCAA policy changes.

It is also the duty of this committee to uphold the image of the student-athlete through charity fundraising and community service. It is through this committee that you should voice any concerns you might have for department administration. This committee is comprised of two representatives from each of the fourteen varsity sports as well as the dance and cheer teams.

Mission Statement

SAAC is a committee made up of student-athletes working together to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. It is our mission to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunities, well-being, and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

While there are many purposes for having a SAAC, the primary purposes are as follows:

  1. To promote healthy and constant communication between the student-athlete, the athletic administration, and the conference office.
  2. To give the student-athletes an opportunity to communicate suggestions, needs, wants, praise and problems to the athletics administrations.
  3. To encourage more student-athlete involvement in community service projects both on campuses and within the communities.
  4. To design programs that will encourage academic success, health promotion, social responsibility, and general awareness of the needs of student-athletes. 
  5. To promote student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation and suggest potential NCAA legislation. 

2021-22 Committee

  • President: Luke Moore – track & field
  • Vice President: Gabby Feber – cross country
  • Community Outreach Chair: Sloane Zenner – basketball
  • Community Outreach Chair: Kate Meister – basketball
  • Community Outreach: Marina Fernandez – tennis
  • Community Outreach: Hayden Huttula – football
  • Community Outreach: Anna Jonynas – volleyball
  • Community Outreach: AJ Lewis – track & field
  • Community Outreach: Justin Novotny – football
  • Community Outreach: Hunter Richards – football
  • Partner Org Chair: Owen White – basketball
  • Partner Org: Tyrell Buckley – hockey
  • Partner Org: Eric Gotz – hockey
  • Partner Org: Mary Lyon – Nordic ski
  • Partner Org: Grace Shaw – soccer
  • Partner Org: Allison Thelen – soccer     
  • Partner Org: Adam Witkowski – Nordic ski
  • University Affairs Chair: Ben Holland – cross country
  • University Affairs: Jenna Disser – track & field
  • University Affairs: Oda Hovland – Nordic ski
  • University Affairs: Cédric Keller – Nordic ski
  • University Affairs: Lauren Konkol – cross country
  • Robert Dwyer – men’s cross country
  • Ivona Gorgioski – tennis
  • Vitor Jorado – tennis
  • Karina Madigan – track & field
  • Eli Pinnoo – tennis
  • Morgan Radtke – volleyball