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Michigan Technological University
Department of Athletics and Recreation

Our Mission
Michigan Tech Department of Athletics and Recreation supports the University by providing nationally recognized programs that serve our community, promote academic excellence, and develop leaders.

Our Vision 
The Department of Athletics and Recreation will further enhance Michigan Tech in becoming a national university of choice academically and athletically.

Core Values
Graduate Student-Athletes
Build Loyalty and Tradition
Passionate about all that we do through Teamwork and Innovation
Service to Our Communities
Commitment to Excellence and Integrity
Cultivate Leaders 

Themes to Achieve our Mission and Vision
Academic Excellence 
Athletic Excellence
Student-Athlete Well-Being
Diversity and Inclusion
Financial Responsibility and Stewardship
Branding and Marketing
Community and Fan Engagement 

Theme 1 - Academic Excellence

Provide student-athletes with the resources needed to achieve academic success

  • Maintain our commitment to STUDENT-athlete.
  • Meet or exceed graduation rates, academic success rates, and annual grade point averages by team and as a department.
  • Enhance our relationship between Athletics and resource units on campus (Academic Departments, Advisors, Wahtera Center for Student Success, Dean of Students, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, etc.).
  • Early identification of at-risk student-athletes and develop a support plan through regular meetings, communication, and the development of skills necessary for success. 
  • Enhance existing and develop new programming for student-athletes that provides them with the skill sets necessary to be successful in school, athletics and beyond.
  • Programs will have student-athletes that receive conference, regional, and national academic recognition.   

Theme 2 - Athletic Excellence

Position the athletic programs to achieve annual conference, regional and national success.

  • Attract and retain staff and coaches with high character through competitive salaries, professional development, and the Michigan Tech experience. 
  • Attract and retain student-athletes through competitive scholarships, skill and leadership development, and a life-shaping academic and athletic experience that prepares them for their future. 
  • Identify innovative ways to increase operating budgets and scholarship allocations to levels that are comparable with our peers.
  • Identify and implement additional athletic programs that further enhance the strategic direction of the university. 
  • Provide competitive athletic facilities.
  • Develop a Leadership Academy Program.
  • All programs qualify for and participate in conference post-season competition.
  • Programs qualify for and participate in the NCAA Championship regularly.

Theme 3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being

Provide a whole person approach for health care and performance for student-athletes that produce positive outcomes for both mind and body.

  • Embrace evidence-based practice with the use of technology and research to produce long-term, sustainable health care and performance outcomes.
  • Enhance sports medicine and performance for student-athletes by providing increased access to high level medical providers.
  • Embrace evidence-based practice and empirically-supported interventions in addressing mental health concerns. 
  • Embrace evidence-based practice that includes engaging in research initiatives with Michigan Tech faculty and community medical providers.
  • Enhance sports medicine and performance staffing, equipment and facilities to increase positive health and performance outcomes for student-athletes.
  • Invest in programming and staffing related to overall student-athlete wellness.
  • Enhance education and training related to Title IX, sexual assault prevention, bystander training, etc.

Theme 4 - Diversity and Inclusion

Cultivate and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion where athletics takes a lead role in encouraging respect, understanding, and appreciation of differences in our community.

  • Promote Athletics and Recreation policies that encourage diversity and gender equality.
  • Educate staff, coaches, and student-athletes on various diversity and inclusion topics and encourage all to practice the behaviors on a daily basis. 
  • Collaborate with university (Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Institutional Equity and Inclusion) and community partners.

Theme 5 - Financial Responsibility and Stewardship

Commit to maximizing revenue streams and effectively manage expenses in order to achieve strategic priorities across the department.

  • Continue to monitor departmental revenues and expenditures and establish processes and enhance support that will ensure long-term financial stability.   
  • Maintain a commitment to Title IX and gender equity in daily operations.
  • Enhance outreach efforts by strategically leveraging location, community partnerships, alumni, and athletic facilities to maximize opportunities and revenue generation.  
  • Diversify fundraising and outreach initiatives through alumni engagement, corporate sponsorships, tickets sales, facility rentals, and marketing. 
  • Enhance cultivation and stewardship of donors that demonstrates our commitment to integrity and strategic allocation of resources and builds trusts.

Theme 6 - Branding and Marketing

Position Michigan Tech Athletics and Recreation in a positive way with quality programming and emphasizing brand recognition and media exposure for the university.

  • Successfully tell the Michigan Tech Athletics and Recreation story about all programs within the division through efficient and innovative ways that maximizes coverage.
  • Emphasize academic and athletic success stories to alumni, fans, donors, and prospective student-athletes.
  • Increase exposure of Michigan Tech Athletics and Recreation through advanced use of technology.

Theme 7 - Community and Fan Engagement

Engage our fan base, university, and greater community through creative and innovative programming that will increase participation and utilization of our facilities.  

  • Provide students, faculty, alumni, and the community a quality experience with diverse programming and membership opportunities. 
  • Provide a quality experience for all fans that attend and watch our games and promote attendance.
  • Ensure excellent customer service. 
  • Strengthen university and athletic traditions across campus and within the community.
  • Continue to enhance athletic and recreational opportunities for students including programming, fitness facilities, and intercollegiate athletics competition.
  • Continue to emphasize the importance of departmental and program specific involvement that brings awareness to and support of meaningful community engagement activities.