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Michigan Tech Athletics Leadership Academy

Our Mission

Michigan Tech Department of Athletics and Recreation supports the University by providing nationally recognized programs that serve our community, promote academic excellence, and develop leaders.

Our Vision

The Department of Athletics and Recreation will further enhance Michigan Tech in becoming a national university of choice academically and athletically.

Core Values

  • Graduate Student-Athletes
  • Build Loyalty and Tradition
  • Passionate about all that we do through Teamwork and Innovation
  • Service to Our Communities
  • Commitment to Excellence and Integrity
  • Cultivate Leaders

Themes to Achieve our Mission and Vision

  • Academic Excellence
  • Athletic Excellence
  • Student-Athlete Well-Being
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Financial Responsibility and Stewardship
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Community and Fan Engagement

Michigan Tech Athletics is committed to developing leaders; as such we have developed the Leadership Academy for student-athletes in order to achieve specific themes in our strategic plan.  They include:

Theme 1 - Academic Excellence

Provide student-athletes with the resources needed to achieve academic success

Enhance existing and develop new programming for student-athletes that provides them with the skill sets necessary to be successful in school, athletics and beyond.

Theme 2 - Athletic Excellence

Position the athletic programs to achieve annual conference, regional and national success.

Attract and retain student-athletes through competitive scholarships, skill and leadership development, and a life-shaping academic and athletic experience that prepares them for their future. 

Theme 3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being

Provide a whole person approach for health care and performance for student-athletes that produce positive outcomes for both mind and body.

Provide educational opportunities to all student-athletes that develop the whole person.  Focus on the overall development of well-being, leadership, and realization of potential, through the Leadership Academy, that can be incorporated into their athletic, academic, and professional lives.  

How will we achieve these goals?

Student-Athlete 101

All freshmen and transfer student-athletes attend. 

This course is designed to help the student-athlete transition from high school to college and navigate through all of their new decisions, challenges, and situations that arise during their college years and beyond.  These new experiences may be overwhelming and perhaps frightening.  Many demands will be placed on student-athletes that they may not have experienced previously by professors, coaches, teammates, friends, and family.  The course is designed to prepare student-athletes with methods and best practices to manage these new responsibilities. 


  • Promote student-athletes’ ownership of their academic, athletic, career, personal and community responsibilities.
  • Meet the changing needs of student-athletes.
  • Promote respect for diversity and inclusion among student-athletes.
  • Assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills.
  • Foster an environment that encourages student-athletes to effectively access campus resources.
  • Encourage the development of character, integrity, and leadership skills.

Leadership 101

Approximately 25% of each roster will be selected to participate in this 2-year program.  The coaching staff for each team will select the student-athletes that they want to participate in the program based on an initial evaluation of leadership skills.  Coaches will select participants that have the foundation necessary to be a leader on their team, in the department and across the university and greater community. 

This is a 2-year course that has been designed specifically to provide additional building blocks necessary to grow a student-athlete’s leadership ability and positively impact the community around them.  The focus is to develop individual skills and give them tools to become effective leaders who drive success within our athletic programs.  These skills will also carry forward into their careers once they graduate from Michigan Tech.  


  • Our student-athletes will develop a personal leadership philosophy that will enhance their ability to lead both vocally and by example. 
  • Our student-athletes will gather and process information and use that data to respond ethically and appropriately to difficult, real-life situations.
  • Our student-athletes will communicate effectively with teammates, coaches, and administration.
  • Our student-athletes will apply leadership skills from this course into their athletic, academic, and professional lives. 
  • Our student-athletes will recognize signs of mental health issues and take appropriate action to provide assistance.

Additional Programming
Annually and as funds are available we want to partner with an outside leadership agency to conduct a day-long retreat for the student-athletes in the Leadership Academy.  Applied Performance Sciences (APS) has been selected for September 2019.  APS Mobile Training sends US Navy SEAL instructors to its clients’ locations to conduct presentations, workshops and physical training that is focused on team-building, leadership, decision-making, and physical fitness.  Mobile training content is developed by US Navy SEALs in collaboration with professional sports coaches and Olympic coaching staff. 

The Leadership Academy will invite speakers to campus on various topics.  When appropriate we will partner with other units across campus.

Campus Partners


The Leadership Academic partners with other groups on campus such as the Department of Student Health and Wellness.  We work together to write grants (NCAA CHOICES), bring in speakers, and promote a culture of well-being across campus. 

Create a campus culture of well-being where students can succeed in life and work and realize their full potential.